The Avaya Ethernet Routing Switch is a reliable, low-cost solution that provides converged services within single or multiple sites. They are easy to install, manage, and run, and come with certified one-minute plug-and-play for IP phones, an intuitive management GUI, and automated set-up. The resilient stacking design supports 'pay-as-you-grow' virtual backplane high-speed capacity and connection for up to 384 devices.

There are also fanless models for silent running in classrooms, hospitality suites, or retail sites.

FortiSwitch Access series of Ethernet LAN Switches are a cost effective range of devices, ideally suited to provide basic LAN Network expansion to small to mid-sized businesses, distributed enterprises, branch offices and classroom environments.

FortiSwitch Access Switches deliver outstanding flexibility, simplicity and value for organizations with diverse network access requirements. Integrated Power over Ethernet (PoE) enables you to seamlessly incorporate wireless Access Points, IP phones and other PoE equipment into the network.

The Summit X430 series Gigabit Ethernet standalone switches provide network edge connectivity for enterprises, branch offices, and small and medium-sized businesses.

Powered by ExtremeXOS, Extreme switches enable organizations to build highly resilient and secure edge networks that support high network uptime, simplified management, and increased operational efficiency with low total cost of ownership.

NetVanta Ethernet Switches address today's highest networking priorities including VoIP, Gigabit-to-the-desktop, wireless LANs, video streaming, and core switching. Business-class features, flexible management, price point, and full life-cycle support offer a great value.

ADTRAN's ActivReach Ethernet Technology expands existing cabling and distance constraints and supports all grades of wiring - CAT5, CAT3 or legacy copper. This technology also extends reach beyond limits of standard Ethernet - up to 1600 feet without the need for fiber, repeaters, or additional switch infrastructure.

Ethernet Solutions

Network infrastructure is the lifeblood of your business' operation.

Services and data must be delivered quickly and reliably. It is tempting to pick up a few switches at a variety store and just plug them in. The specifications for business grade equipment are designed to maximize performance and reliability. When you purchase a switch from Dictronics, you rely on a distributor and manufacturer with flexible support and warranty terms that fit your business needs.

Avaya WLAN 9100 Application Control provides visibility and control over more than 1,300 of the most popular business and recreational applications.
It allows administrators to apply application-specific policies for managing performance and security.
Application control operates directly at the network edge, resulting in a scalable and resilient network that ultimately produces a better user experience.

Avaya WLAN 9100 offers a broad portfolio of indoor and outdoor Access Points that cater to different deployment and client requirements.

They have software programmable radios, allowing you to customize your APs based on your specific client environment.
With WLAN 9100 you can program each radio to suit your client environment. If all clients are 2.4GHz, you can set both radios to 2.4GHz. As your environment changes over time, you can continue to customize your APs to ensure the optimal user experience.

Meru’s 'System Director' operating system and their MC1550 controller supports up to 50 access points and 1000 client devices.

Optimized for data, voice, and video applications in small enterprises and branch offices, their wide variety of
Access Points maximizes efficiency to make the most of the available wireless spectrum. Radio frequency virtualization simplifies deployment and allows easy capacity expansion as your needs evolve.

The Meru advantage for hospitality comprises a comprehensive suite of network management tools to give you control over your wireless network and remotely manage configurations and demands in real time. The tools allow you to spot problems before they affect your guests or operations.

With the specific needs of hospitals in mind, Meru developed the 'Uninterrupted Care Network' (UCN). UCN enables hospitals to create separate, dedicated channels for life-critical, mission-critical, and consumer-critical applications, utilizing unique RF Channel Layering technology.

ADTRAN Bluesocket brings the power of network virtualization to Wi-Fi.
vWLAN offers a cloud-based, virtualized management and control solution for wireless LANs.

The Adtran solution eliminates hardware-based controllers from the network, removing scale limitations, and enabling management and control of thousands of Access Points and users across a WAN and across the internet.

ADTRAN’s family of Access Points are for organizations who need to deploy secure wireless networks ranging from small offices to an entire campus.

Wireless Solutions

Running a wired network is expensive and sometimes a nightmare if at all possible. Wireless networks are quickly becoming a viable substitution for the hard-wired network.

Greater mobility and flexibility is key to business operations and growth. Deploying wifi is not difficult, but there are complexities. The BYOD trend is a reality. Wireless devices in the business is increasing and adds complexity, security concerns, and strain to a wireless network. Business-class APs are designed for rock-solid performance. Controllers that manage them can be a hardware appliance, a virtual machine, or reside in the cloud.


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