Avaya’s award Winning IP Office Platform

IP Office gives you a fail-safe - total communications - solution that can expand as your organization grows. Avaya also offers unparalleled mobility that allows employees to access voice and video communications from anywhere there is an internet connection.

The reports of the death of the desk phone are greatly exaggerated.

According to Jon Arnold in his March 08, 2016 article,
"Why are we still using Desk Phones?"
"There’s no denying these trends are happening, but it would be premature to dismiss desk phones as being obsolete. On a broad scale, they remain in widespread use, and once businesses migrate from TDM to IP, the desk phone continues to be the endpoint of choice for everyday telephony."

Avaya offers a wide range of Desktop Phones, Wireless Phones, and Conference Phones.

XIMA Software's 'Chronicall', 'Custom Reports', 'Recording Library', and 'Realtime' applications for Avaya IP Office provide valuable business metrics and performance through an intuitive web interface.

  • Custom Reports provides accurate and vibrant reports from your phone system activity.
  • Recording Library makes it easy to find and hear your recorded calls.
  • Realtime provides statistics and graphics for agent, group, and queue activity.

This robust and modular design powered by PostgreSQL makes it appropriate for businesses of any size and from any industry. Chronicall connects directly to your phone system and builds its database from highly detailed events.


  • Display a 'Realtime Canvas' containing up-to-date call information on a large screen.
  • Monitor call volume, average wait time, and trunk usage.
  • Track Agents with the 'Agent Timeline'.

Phones are the lifeline between most businesses and their customers.
It is important to know exactly how your calls are being handled.

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